Have you ever heard of Fermi’s Paradox?

Well, sometimes the answers to these supposedly mysterious questions can be found right under our noses.

The reason why we have not seen any aliens is likely to be found in the reason why we are still fighting and creating and perpetuating assorted living disparities and problems, planet-wide.

The aliens likely have the same problems.

And unless we and they can solve those problems, we and they won’t be going far.

“I think if we could get Earth in a living and stable state, not a constantly degrading and dying state, caused by our actions, then we have won some right to go to the stars. But, at present, I don’t think we’d be welcomed anywhere else in the universe. You wouldn’t welcome anybody who laid waste to their house and wanted to live in yours, I’m sure.” ~ Bill Mollison

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. ~ Aldous Huxley




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