Draft page:

Place details on Dennis Meadows (Club of Rome); Jay Hanson (Dieoff.org); and HANDY research (NASA/University of Maryland?)

Kid: “Dad? Why are there rich people?”
Dad: “What do you mean by rich? You mean like in spirit?”
Kid: “No-o-o-o-o… Like they have lots of big houses and cars and money!”
Dad: “Ohhh, you mean those kinds. Well, you see, sweetie, our society allows some people to make more money than other people, working no harder than anyone else. Society then allows those with more money to acquire more land than others. Over time, this creates the dynamic for most, if not all, problems we have in society today, like landlessness/homelessness/poverty, social unrest/war and collapse.”
Kid: “Why does society allow that?!”
Dad: “Corruption. Society uses force to uphold undemocratic/unethical laws that say that one person with more money can have more land than another with less money.”
Kid: “Why can’t we stop that!?”
Dad: “Corruption again: This setup is upheld by people with guns and weapons, or access to them, like police, security guards and military people– people (among many others) who often don’t understand this basic & very simple immoral core of our society.”
Kid: ” :( ”
Dad: “Ya; :( “


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