Sail Network

Consider a future real ‘tongue-and-groove’ mobile network setup– i.e., maybe especially, a permaculture sailboat network— a sustainable sea-highway– and even setting one up in tandem, and eventually connecting with already-existing sail networks for such efforts as when the internet and fossil-fuel-supported transportation infrastructures go down, as well as for education; trade; migration; simple living; leisure; exploration and emergencies, such as those related to social, economic and ecologic hardships.

The virtual online part of the network is something that perhaps only a handful may need to do/manage if everyone else can then use it– maybe WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, etc., with something like Loomio or Efficasync modules; and/or maybe as a merge with Permaculture Global. Permaea’s success might likely be enhanced if it were to be somehow merged with Permaculture Global’s system as well, such as especially for choreographic and/or registrative purposes. Permaculture Global is already a network, what with its people, projects, and global locations, but it could become much more– a decentralized-country communications centre; an e-mycellium where and in how it facilitated/documented, say, physical land-/nodes/trusts/stewardships and human and group interactivity, including with regard to sail-travel. It already uses a map and geo-locations. In the mean time, it might also do well to consider somehow transcending the nation-state form of geographical location, maybe using simple longitude/latitude, climate zones, and/or landforms/waterways and so on to, in part, help rethink our relationship to Earth and each other.


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